Prime Materials
The supply of recyclable plastic materials is growing


The supply of recyclable plastic materials is a growing element of West Recycling’s business portfolio and currently contributes to approximately 20 per cent of our trading activity.

As the recycling of plastic materials is a relatively new and growing development in the UK, West Recycling is well positioned to tap into this growth market, providing customers with continuous, competitively priced, high-grade product supplies.

Almost 70 per cent of energy is saved when new plastic bottles are produced from recycled materials instead of raw materials

Plastic bottles placed in landfills will not decompose for thousands of years due to the fact that they are shielded from sunlight

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International Relations

West Recycling enjoys a powerful global reputation in the trading and delivering of recycled materials. We offer a unique service in sourcing and trading both non-ferrous and ferrous metals, as well as paper and plastics. We deliver exceptional account management and competitive pricing to our buyers and suppliers all over the world.