Extensive knowledge and experience



All our customers, whether buying or selling, rely heavily on our extensive knowledge and experience, secure in the understanding that they are dealing with the recycling industry experts.

West Recycling Managing Director Garry West has spent his entire professional life within a variety of recycling sectors and our business partners are able to tap into his 40 years’ of expertise at any time.

We have unrivalled knowledge when it comes to the recognition and identification of the grades of recycling materials and our stringent monitoring procedures mean our customers can always rely on the quality of their orders.


Our knowledge and understanding of the global market is also a major advantage to our clients and we are happy to provide our expert opinion on current trends and advise on the best times to buy and sell.

Unlike virtually any other company, we deal with a full range of recycling materials and can meet your needs whether your interest is in non-ferrous or ferrous metals, paper or plastics.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy for you to contact us at any time for a no-obligation discussion on how we can help you.

International Relations

West Recycling enjoys a powerful global reputation in the trading and delivering of recycled materials. We offer a unique service in sourcing and trading both non-ferrous and ferrous metals, as well as paper and plastics. We deliver exceptional account management and competitive pricing to our buyers and suppliers all over the world.