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Our Global Reach

At West Recycling we have an expert understanding of the different customary and cultural requirements when dealing with overseas customers. Primarily, we work with clients in China, Pacific Rim, Pakistan and the Indian Sub-Continent along with our customers in the US, UK and Europe.


We respond to our customers’ needs around the clock and regularly travel overseas, and particularly to the Far East, to nurture and build relationships with our clients. As we are a small family business, we are in the perfect position to offer a uniquely personal service to our customers.

We are ISO 9001certified and hold the required AQSIQ licence to ship scrap metals, paper and plastics to China.

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International Trading

At least 90 per cent of our customer base is in the Far East, due to the increasing demands of a global market in recycling materials.

We are proud of the influential reputation we have gained in the global marketplace and place great emphasis on maintaining and extending solid relationships with our clients all over the world.

Developing Countries

As markets and growth areas around the world fluctuate and evolve, we are constantly adapting and responding so that we can continue to meet demands of our customers and deliver a quality service.

We continue to develop strong links with India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Cambodia in order to offer more opportunities to our customers.

Quality with punctual Timing

Our quality control is renowned within the recycling industry, largely due to the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff.

You can count on us to supervise your order from beginning to end, ensuring that your deadlines and requirements are always fulfilled.

International Relations

West Recycling enjoys a powerful global reputation in the trading and delivering of recycled materials. We offer a unique service in sourcing and trading both non-ferrous and ferrous metals, as well as paper and plastics. We deliver exceptional account management and competitive pricing to our buyers and suppliers all over the world.