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West Recycling is an entirely family-run business, which translates into many advantages for our customers.

We are small enough to be able to provide a superior personal service and we get to know our customers and suppliers exceptionally well, including our extensive contacts in the Far East.


As our valued customer, you will never find yourself dealing with a nameless person over the telephone or experience the frustration of speaking to a different member of staff each time you contact us.

We get to know you and you get to know us, which means we are well equipped to meet your requirements every time.

  • 2003
    WRL Established
  • 2004
    Range extended to include plastics
  • 2007
    Range extended to include paper
  • 2015
    Start trading ferrous metals

Another of our strengths is our versatility, something that is not so easy for larger corporations. We can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently without any fuss or the need for multiple conversations or instructions.

Since West Recycling was established in 2003, we have gained significant influence within the global market and developed strong relationships with businesses across a number of continents.

We are also considered unique in our ability to transfer our skills to the sourcing and delivery of a wide range of materials. Not only do we have a proven reputation within our core business of trading non-ferrous metals but we also successfully extended our range to include plastics in 2004, paper in 2007 and, more recently, to ferrous metals.

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Like many of the most successful businesses, including Warburtons, Clarks shoes and JCB, West Recycling is family-owned and run. Fiona Graham, a spokesperson for the Institute for Family Businesses, says: “Customers really respond to the strong values and heritage of family-owned firms. Research we undertook last year showed that family-owned businesses were twice as trusted by the public as were listed companies.”



International Relations

West Recycling enjoys a powerful global reputation in the trading and delivering of recycled materials. We offer a unique service in sourcing and trading both non-ferrous and ferrous metals, as well as paper and plastics. We deliver exceptional account management and competitive pricing to our buyers and suppliers all over the world.